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MixtGoods has been waiting in the wings since late 2003. It wasn't until recently that I realized the time was right and got things started. My husband, Chris, and I moved to Oregon from the east coast (Maplewood, NJ, to be exact). We met in college in PA and then both did post-graduate work in NY. Originally, I'm from Baltimore and he's from Philadelphia.

Looking for ways to soak up the local flavor, we headed out to the Portland Saturday Market. We were amazed. The artwork was first-rate and we became frequent customers. Our family got bigger. First, our dog was born in 2004. Then, our baby was born in 2005. We were still drawn to the Market and local art shows, and paraded out-of-town guests through, whenever we got the chance.

They were as impressed as we were. With the exception of some annual craft shows, this collection of artists is a rarity in other parts of the country. While there were galleries and specialty stores, they were less accessible and often out of our price range.

Loyal customers that we are, we ended up befriending some of the artists and learned what we already knew. It's hard to make a living as an artist - even in Portland, which is considered to be 'artist-friendly.'

That's how MixtGoods came to be.

Our mission is to support local artists and provide unique, quality handmade items online at a fair price.

In this case, 'local' describes the type of artist, not really where they live in relation to you. By 'fair' we mean somewhere between reasonable for the customer and non-exploitive of the artist.

We hope you love the things we sell as much as we do, and thank you for taking a look.

"While artists' access to materials increase, natural resources decrease. Inevitably, individuals strive and endeavor, through creative expression, to raise the quality of life for themselves and those around them." -Sandra Rhee Ross, Owner of MixtGoods, LLC

about us

Most of the artwork you see on this site is limited edition or one-of-a-kind.

All of our artists' creations are expressly covered as 'original works of authorship' under United States Copyright Law - The 1976 Copyright Act, to be exact. (I know this because I'm a lawyer.) In addition, these original works may also be covered under international law, through the Berne Convention on the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works and/or the Universal Copyright Convention.

While we hope you are inspired by what you see, we ask that you respect the intellectual property rights of our artists.

Don't steal ideas. It's wrong.

about us

All of our artists are based in North America. We're not xenophobic, we just think that North American artists do things a little differently. In most cases, the items you see at MixtGoods are not all that our artists do. They are talented and creative individuals and there's no stopping them. Some of them are even available for custom work.

If you would like to contact an artist, or artists, we would be happy to make the introduction. Don't worry, we're not going to take a cut, or anything like that. Just email us at info@mixtgoods.com. We know you're a resourceful bunch, and we're just trying to save you some time on Google™.

While obviously, our intentions in running this retail site are not charitable, we are trying to help these artists with the commercial realities of selling their work. We don't think that running credit card transactions or calculating postage are the best use of their time.

We picked these independent artists because they are great at what they do. They are doing something different and they are continually evolving their craft. Also, they're really nice people. Really, there's not a bad one in the bunch.

about us

Amelia Makes Art Amelia Santiago
Amelia Makes Art
Portland, Oregon
Amelia Santiago was born in the Pacific Northwest of the United States in 1972. She is a painter, foremost, but also works in printmaking and fibers. She graduated with a BFA in painting in 2004 and has worked as an artist ever since. Amelia shows her work in various galleries and alternative art spaces and paints commissions and portraits often.

Artifactory Puzzles Thomas Moeller
Artifactory Puzzles
Vancouver, Washington
Thomas Moeller is an Artist and Puzzle Master with a love of precision that comes from years of experience as a metal machinist. He applies the same precision to his woodworking. With his son Jeremy, Tom maintains a regular booth at the Portland Saturday Market.

Bengston Wood Jeffrey Bengston
Bengston Woodworks
Portland, Oregon
As a woodworker, Jeffrey Bengston acknowledges that the medium he uses is an offering from the earth. As this resource is, unfortunately, dwindling and he strives to showcase each piece of wood. By carefully selecting each board and examining the grain of each piece, Jeffrey puts together pieces that are not only functional, but are artful, also. Some of the hardwoods he uses are native to the Pacific Northwest, salvaged and/or recycled, to reduce fossil fuel consumption in transportation. The rest are domestic. Jeffrey deliberately chooses these rather than overseas wood, where logging practices are questionable. The Madrone wood used in his work has come from well-managed forests and is certified as "sustainably harvested."

Circles of Steel Doug Puckett
Circles of Steel
Portland, Oregon
Doug Puckett is a sculptor whose work has received national attention. His work has drawn admiration from many gardens and outdoor spaces across the country. His materials primarily come from reclaimed metals, wires, cable, railroad spikes, gears, wire bristles, cookware, etc. Doug says, "(s)teel can be liquid, steel can be solid, steel can be hard, and it can be anywhere in-between. It’s not like I’m a big ecowarrior saving the world. It’s not really recycling — it’s recapturing. ... And I’m finally doing what I enjoy."

Elizabeth Johnston Lampwork Beads Elizabeth Johnston
Elizabeth Johnston Lampwork Beads
Hood River, Oregon
Elizabeth Johnston grew up on the Olympic Peninsula amidst evergreens and frogsong. Raised by parents who were constantly involved in creative and scientific projects, she developed interests in many unusual subjects ranging from Middle Eastern dance and theater set design to marine and freshwater biology. She has worked in acrylics, clay, fibers and movement, but her real passion is glass and its illusion of perpetual fluidity in the finished piece. She currently resides in Hood River, Oregon and is a member of the Oregon Glass Guild. Her use of color is influenced by several winters on St. John and her quest for a perpetual summer. She has been making lampwork beads since 1996 and is currently studying furnace glassblowing and graphic design.

ENB Jewelry Design Eddie Bennett
ENB Jewelry Design
South Orange, New Jersey
Eddie Bennett was lucky enough to escape a career in corporate America. While trying to figure out what he wanted to be when he grew up, he started making jewelry as gifts for his family. He soon found out that he enjoyed the creative outlet and the responses to his creations were favorable. While he's not sure he's grown up, he does know what he wants to be.

Ginger Abernathy Creations Ginger Abernathy
Ginger Abernathy Creations
Portland, Oregon
Designer Ginger Abernathy was born in Chicago and grew up in South Haven, Michigan. She began sewing at the age of ten and had early aspirations of becoming a fashion designer. She attended Michigan State University and earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Textiles with an emphasis in Art and Design. After working corporate jobs, a major life event changed her path and she tried her hand at designing. Ginger started producing high-end custom pillows, window treatments and bedding. An inspired comment from a friend regarding how to best use leftover pieces of silk spawned the creation of Ginger Bags. Her unique approach to design and utility, incorporates dress maker details and unusual fabrication to make each bag a one-of-a-kind work of art. All shapes are original G\inger Abernathy designs. The affordable luxury of the bags combined with the use of bright colors, fun shapes, and mixing of geometric patterns have gained regional and national attention.

Half Empty Press Gillian Beck
Half Empty Press
Portland, Oregon
Half Empty Press is run by two artsy individuals who met in Japan and have created handmade paper goods together around the world. They specialize in bitter greetings and breakup cards. Strangely, they are both quite happy in their everyday lives.

Hardwear by Renee Renee Christopher
Hardwear by Renee
Portland, Oregon
Launched in 2001 and based in Oregon City, Oregon, Hardwear by Renee is owned and operated by Renee Christopher, an artist and designer. She strives to create a line of strong, sexy, and smart handbags that easily transition from day to evenings. Inspired by her vision of today's woman, the line of handbags proves durability need not be dowdy, nor femininity fussy and fragile, hardwear, and that's you. The company specializes in contemporary handbags. These pieces are designed with atypical items such as hardware and recycled materials. The collection features a range of modern colors with a clean urban style.

jefdesigns Joe Futschik
Portland, Oregon
jefdesigns is a one man (and dog) company founded in 2003 by Joe Futschik. Joe graduated from Connecticut College in 1991, with a degree in fine art and a vision of conquering the art world. After an eleven year stint of waiting tables and a dose of reality, Joe relocated to Portland, Oregon in 1995 and began feeding his obsession with lighting and furniture design. Prototype lamps and furniture quickly filled his small bedroom apartment. After encouragement from Adidas designer, John Acevedo and an exhibition in show2003 at Design Within Reach, Joe decided to take his business live. Local support from designers and store owners were vital to jefdesigns fruition. Joe's work has been featured in several magazines and has received national acclaim. jefdesigns does custom design work and may be seen in restaurants, cafes, nightclubs, hotels, department stores and residential spaces through North and Central America.

Joey and Aleethea Sandra Flick
Joey & Aleethea
Sandra is a WAHM ("work-at-home-mom," for those in the know) to a beautiful new baby boy and is married to a super husband and U.S. Air Force veteran. She handmakes each and every item. Their super-cutesie boutique of one-of-a-kind original designs features items for baby boys, baby girls and their peeps.

Julia Gardner Julia Gardner
Julia Gardner
Portland, Oregon
Julia Gardner was born in Hamburg, Germany, and spent her childhood in Portland, OR. She studied art and the history of art in the U.S., France, Germany, and Italy, earning degrees from Mount Holyoke College, L'Ecole du Louvre in Paris, and Syracuse University in Florence, Italy. Following four years in Seattle, Julia recently returned to Portland where she works out of Troy Studios, her SE Portland art studio, creating mixed media artwork and unique handmade gifts and accessories for the home. Her work may be seen in galleries and boutiques.

Broken Pieces Kristine Cheeseman
Broken Pieces
Portland, Oregon
Broken Pieces, established in 1994, is the studio of Kristine Cheeseman. Kristine grew up in beautifully sunny San Diego, CA spending her days and nights swimming at the beach and hanging out with family and friends. She moved to Portland, OR the late '80's and attended a local art school where she began to dream and made plans of supporting herself full-time creating her art in a medium she loves: Fused Stained Glass. Kristine started selling her pieces at Portland Saturday Market about eight years ago. She tends to work in a loose mode with scraps and broken pieces of fusible glass. This is where the name "Broken Pieces" was born.

Leah Glass Leah Pellegrini
Leah Glass
Portland, Oregon
For over five years, Leah Pellegrini has worked as a full-time artist. Born in Cleveland, Ohio, Leah found her love for glasswork while getting her B.A. in Psychology from The University of Pennsylvania. Leah has been published in Glass Art Magazine and has appeared on television demonstrating how to work with glass in the flame. She now lives in Portland, Oregon teaching classes in torchworking glass and working at the Portland Saturday Market. Leah is proud that her raw glass materials are supplied by local Portland companies and recognizes the significance of working in the "glass Mecca" of the US.

Little Put Ryan McAbery
Littleput Books
Portland, Oregon
Paper has been something Ryan has always loved. As a child, she collected notebooks and sticky pads not knowing there was a world out there of handmade items, that she could make, with paper. She attended the Oregon College of Arts and Crafts as a photography student and stumbled across the Book Arts department. It was instant love. Ryan loves bookbinding. She took a book arts class about seven years ago, and it has been a habit ever since. All of her jewelry is inspired by my passion for the book arts. Her pieces are designed around her joy of rich-textured letter press prints and showcase her deep love for intricate patterns and rich-toned papers. Each handmade item is Ryan's own design and idea. Littleput Books is her day job and we're all thankful for that. Ryan says, "it is a paper-coated world, and I love every minute of it."

Loop Designs Sarah Dible
Loops Designs
Portland, Oregon
Sarah Dible has created things with her hands for as long as she can remember. She grew up all over the world with some of her fondest memories and inspiration from my childhood in Rwanda, Africa. She has enjoyed making jewelry for others since her wedding, when she made necklaces and earrings for her bridesmaids. She also works as a Physical Therapist and started selling jewelry in 2002 when patients started asking about the jewelry she was wearing. She uses a wide array of materials and is always experimenting with forms, shape and texture.

Maxine, Dear Josh Quinn & Niki Cagle
Maxine, Dear
Columbus, Ohio
Maxine, Dear uses imaginative textiles for the creation of wallets, handbags and garments. By using reclaimed materials whenever possible, they breathe new life into old art. They feel that the art of design is often overlooked in small things like old company logos and discarded library books. Through the reuse of these materials, they resurrect old creations so that a new group of people can appreciate these wonderful pieces that have been hidden for decades. Josh and Niki's work was recently featured in The New York Times' Sunday Styles section.

Munzies Jane Munns
Ballwin, Missouri
Jane Munns' love of children, pets and home led her to spend way too much time in sewing and craft stores in the last 25 years. As a result, she has a beautiful workroom full of sewing machines and tools, as well as a room full of fabrics and notions. She loves doing custom orders that brings a basic pattern to life with just the right touches to make the recipient smile. She sews because she enjoys it and it is her hope that this shows in her creations.

Needle Noodles Christen Elizabeth Haden
Needle Noodles
Charlottesville, Virginia
A self-proclaimed "geeky lass with a fondness for crafts," Christen Elizabeth Haden has been making crafty projects for as long as she can remember. Only in the past year did it click for her that other people might be interested in her quirky creations, too. Ever since, toy making has been her obsession. She loves the flexibility inherent in these small crochet projects - the ability to experiment without a great deal of overhead in terms of resources and time. Each toy is made in a playful spirit, and it is her hope that this translates to each item's owner.

One Lucky Baby Erin Vertolli
One Lucky Baby
Orlando, Florida
As a stay-at-home mom who wanted smart, modern, hip and a bit of ridiculous things for her kids, Erin had trouble finding anything, so she went shopping for a collection of fabrics, took out her sewing machine, and started to sew. She loves Asian-inspired, retro, vintage, modern and kitschy style fabrics. She also loves using reclaimed fabrics and is proud of her stash of vintage materials that she takes out from time to time. Each item is handmade with care (usually during naptime and in the evening) using the highest quality fabrics and techniques.

Pearly Grey Jennifer Nowak-Miller
Pearly Grey
Portland, Oregon
For the love of Baby (Jane) , For the love of Sewing (24 years of practice and a clothing design degree), For the love of Fabric (Addiction), For the love of Retro (Born in 1970 not '40, '50 or '60), For the love of Creativity (It consumes her, but she has to pick one craft at a time otherwise Craziness! This is why she Does what she Does. ENJOY!!

Resource Revival Graham Bergh
Resource Revival
Mosier, Oregon
The idea for Resource Revival sprung from Graham Bergh's imagination in 1991, when he got a flat tire while biking to his recycling job. In 1994, he started shipping his first products from a corner of his bedroom. Today, they are a team of artists, designers and customer service people recycling thousands of pounds of used parts and shipping to customers all over the world. Resource Revival is the leading source for unique recycled gifts and home furnishings made in the USA. Their mission is to create innovative products from recycled materials, to provide meaningful, living wage jobs, and to have fun. They envision a sustainable future where commerce flourishes in a world powered by renewable energy, and where consumers are conscious of the origin of the products they buy.

Soaring Heart Wood Art Timothy and Hannah Downs
Soaring Heart Wood Art
Portland, Oregon
In 2000, Timothy and Hannah Downs moved to Eugene, Oregon from Salt Lake City, Utah. Timothy got a job working in a small cabinet shop where he noticed the significant amount of hardwood scrap being thrown away. This inspired him to create something that might be of use to someone, other than firewood. After spending a lot of time admiring all of the beautiful things people were making and selling at the Eugene Saturday Market, he realized that it was a more appealing way of making a living. He started out making hair clips and eating utensils; spoon fork and chopsticks, packaged together with a cloth napkin in a small bag made from upholstery scraps. He thought that it would be the perfect thing for people to carry with them to festivals, to avoid having to use plastic utensils from the food booths, not to mention wood feels better in your mouth than metal. In response to requests for salad tongs, he started making different spatulas and spoons, as well. Over the last several years, he's had other jobs as his main source of income - cabinet builder, massage table production, and furniture upholsterer. In September 2006, he and his wife made a smaller move to Portland, Oregon with the hope of being able to continue to work with recycled woods as his sole profession.

Spoonman Creations, (un)Ltd. Mike Kelley
Spoonman Creations, (un)Ltd.
Salem, Oregon
Contrary to the urban myth that has surrounded him for so many years, Mike Kelley (the "Spoonman"), did not find an actual fork in the road and become inspired to reshape it... It was really a spoon. Starting with spoon rings, Mike began his creations in 1971. Every year their goal is to create something new or improve on an existing creation. This can be quite a challenge as they strive to reuse and recycle as much 'previously owned' silverware as possible.

Tiny Rat Al Hoff
Tiny Rat
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Al Hoff describes herself as a fading hipster and former zinester that's turned to crafting to supplement her interest while watching crappy TV. In addition to dabbling in the not-so-serious medium of plastic canvas, she has also started the slow process of giving new life to 20 years of accumulated paper ephemera. Coming to appreciate the hipster crafting community, she has spent the last few years planning Pittsburgh's own indie craft fair, the Handmade Arcade. (Our apologies to Al. The earlier biography on this website referred to her as a "him.")

Woodeye Studios Jeffrey Woods
Woodeye Studios
Tuscon, Arizona
For years, Jeffrey experimented with many art forms ranging from stone and metal sculpture, pottery, paintings, digital collages, pen and ink drawings, printmaking, to bronze casting and silver smithing. However after some time, he came across some stunning work being carved into glass by local Tucson artists, and it did not take long before he realized this was the direction he wanted to go. With the sandcarving process, he uses high-pressure sandblasting combined with cut vinyl or photo resists to recreate his original designs. This allows him to produce the unique, highly-detailed etchings and carved artwork. Although he loves creating one-of-a-kind pieces and custom work, he wants to make his work available for everyone to enjoy, and this process allows him to reproduce his original designs while maintaining affordable prices and high quality.

Mamadama Designs Judy Parker
Mamadama Designs
Vienna, Virginia
Judy Parker is a single mom with four amazing children (the youngest is in college) and two adorable grandchildren. She has been sewing, knitting and crocheting since she was a child. She loves fabric, texture, colors and a quirky new design, or a twist on an old one. She just can't resist creating something special for someone she loves. Judy's mom was her creative mentor. She had a great eye, a fun style and made beautiful things, for as long as she can remember. She loves the countryside, gardening, reading by the fire, and playing with her kids, dogs and cats.

Maclaren Dichroic Glass Jewelry Nancy Maclaren
Maclaren Dichroic Glass Jewelry
Lake Oswego, Oregon

Sweater Heads Leslie McCray
Sweater Heads
Astoria, Oregon
Leslie McCray's motto has always been "reduce, reuse, recycle." Sweater Heads has been following this motto for over 10 years. All hats and gifts are made from recycled wool sweaters and other found fabric. All are a one-of-a-kind piece of functional art. Each sweater is personally selected by Leslie for style, texture and color. All go through the process of washing and drying. Then are sewn into her unique designs to keep your head warm and your heart happy.

Rileyville Soap Leslie Riley
Rileyville Soap Company
Portland, Oregon
Since 2001, their mission at Rileyville Soap Co. has been to rid the planet of boring soap. Using only the finest ingredients, they pack mouth-watering scents and beautiful art work into each bar they produce. So splash. Bubble up & blow them into the air. Sing. Brighten your day and put some happy into your tub.

Bert and Christy Atherton Schrack
Howling Wolf Art Glass
Portland, Oregon
Bert and Christy Atherton Schrack's original designed artwork is hand-blown freely, made primarily with recycled glass. The pieces are laid with 22 karat gold or fine leaf silver, which create subtle and unusual designs (what they call "trails") within the glass. The creative process begins with a piece of molten glass attached to a long metal blowpipe, which is then blown into a bubble. Layers of molten glass are then added to shape each piece into its final shape, with colored glass applied for texture and designs, making each piece unique.

Alisa Timmerman
Zeldaloo Studios
Portland, Oregon
Alisa is a compulsive crafter. She loves making things from stuffed monsters to mixed media collages, and everything in between. She believes that living in the Pacific Northwest necessitates a lot of rainyday alternatives. Crafting keeps her sane, as the rain falls outside.

Clarity Miller
Blackbird Fashion
Anacortes, Washington
Blackbird Fashion was born sometime in the late 90s, although its seeds were planted many years earlier when Clarity's mom helped her sew a leotard and tutu for her Cabbage Patch doll. From the time she could move her hands, she was making things, from papier mache to forts to clothes. She grew up on a tiny island in the Pacific Northwest. She got super sick when she was a teenager, and had a lot of down time. She sewed a lot, mainly clothes for herself. She moved to Olympia to attend the Evergreen State College, and started carrying her clothes at Dumpster Values, which is run by her amazing friend Kanako. (Go there.) While living in Oly, she worked for Yo Yo a Go Go and Ladyfest, and directed their fashion shows, as well as showing her own clothes. She started making sock monkeys and selling them online. She is THE original designer of a boy and girl punk rock sock monkey. She graduated with a BFA in photography and film, which is gathering dust somewhere. Since then she's moved around a bit, spending time in Arizona, and her beloved Bolinas, CA.

Amy Herbst
Herbst Handmade
San Jose, California
Amy Herbst is the mastermind behind Herbst Handmade. With deep roots in the South, she grew up in a family of talented quilters, knitters, and all-around crafty gals. Her designs reflect her passion for the needlearts, and many of her pieces are completely, painstakingly, sewn by hand.

Mark Timmerman
Namaste Works
Portland, Oregon
Mark has been working in clay and glass for years now. He loves playing with clay and transforming it into something fun. Stained Glass has the same mesmerizing quality to him. He recently began adding candles into the repetoire and combines infuses them into his clay creations. Namaste...

Jennifer Way
Beebee Mod
Jacobus, Pennsylvania
Jen has a passion for fabric which seems to have become a slight addiction. So, she thought she should do something with her collection instead of watching it sit in her closet. As a mom of three, she's fueled by which direcction to take with her fabric stash. She takes patterns and styles she likes and has made them into onesies and blankets for the little ones. She loves clean, crisp lines, bold color and symmetry. Beebee Mod remains true to those preferences without sacrificing functionality or style.

Heide Bringman
The Poof Noggin Patch
Portland, Oregon
Heide is been crafting for as long as she can remember. Her Grinnie taught her how to knit, and crochet blankets for her dolls at age five. As she grew up, she eventually moved on to painting, stitching, beading - and dozens of things in between. Crafts are her outlet for all things creative.

Scott French & Gwendolyn Wong
Studio 583 Art
Atlanta, Georgia
Scott French and Gwen Wong are painters who live, work and play together 24/7. They love making many different things and everything is approved by their 12-year-old weimaraner, Bella.

Yoshi & Susan Baran Aoki
Blue Tree Gallery
Seaside, Oregon
Yoshi was born in Osaka, Japan and moved to the United States in 1994. He held various jobs in both Japan and America, and has always created artwork. His long-standing desire to create unique lighting fixtures was realized when he figured out a way to create lamps and nightlights using wire and paper. He finds that working with wire gives him the freedom to turn his drawings into 3D artwork. Susie loves experimenting with colors to express moods, depict nature, and expand the way she normally looks at things. While living in Japan, she acquired an enthusiasm for Japanese aesthetics and artwork. She brings both these qualities to her work on the lamps and nightlights. Traditionally, Japanese paper lantern frames are constructed with thin strips of bamboo. Bamboo lends an organic feeling to their work, but they find the nature of this material somewhat limiting. Although their work is inspired by the classical Japanese paper lantern, they use galvanized wire to construct their frames. The malleable and sturdy qualities of wire provide for the flexibility of creating an infinite variety of shapes. The results of our technique are sculptural forms ranging from realistic renditions of animals to unique abstract forms. Each piece is handcrafted at their studio in the coastal mountains of northern Oregon. Inspired by this idyllic environment, their work reflects their infatuation with nature, animals and color.

Maria Medina
Nelson, British Columbia
Maria was born on the island of Flores in Azores, Portugal. Her family emigrated to Canada when she was a child, and she was raised in Revelstoke, BC. She traveled in Europe and Central America as a young woman, living in Texas and Mexico for a while. Maria arrived in Nelson nineteen years ago to raise her daughter, Jenna. She lives there still with her husband Michael and Stan the dog. For most of her adult life she's dabbled in various art forms, from photo-realistic drawing to hat-making to surface design. Maria studied graphic design in Nelson, and did freelance work in that field. For the last seven years her focus has been sculptural metalwork and small object design, and most recently, oil painting. Practicing at the Kootenay School of the Arts and now in her studio in Nelson BC. She is fascinated by the transformative power of heat and metal brought together. Maria is inspired by the infinitely varied and beautiful world around her, from humans to the changing flora of the seasons, to every creature that walks, slithers or flies over the earth. She continues to explore with the greatest enjoyment the almost limitless possibilities of her chosen medium.

Alice C.
Flicka Bags
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
After working for over a decade as a newspaper reporter, Alice turned in her standard-issue black laptop bag to start making Flicka Bags in 2005. She got the idea on assignment while waiting with other journalists for a Marine unit's return from Iraq: She noticed they all had the same kind of all black (read "boring") bags for stowing our equipment. When she returned home, a search for a funky computer bag deadended and Flicka Bags was born.

Carye Bye
Red Bat Press
Portland, Oregon
Carye Bye currently lives is North Portland. She has been interested in self-publishing since her high school days of making 'zines. She was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota and has lived in Illinois, Georgia, Ireland, and San Francisco. Carye has a B.A. in Studio Art (Printmaking & Photography focus) and Art History from Augsburg College in Minneapolis. Travelling, collecting, bike riding and going to small museums are few of her passions aside from Red Bat Press. Carye is also the director of the online Bathtub Art Museum. Red Bat Press was officially introduced in September 2002. The name, 'Red Bat' comes from the first postcard of a series of 8 animal cards. According to Chinese symbolic tradition, bats are symbols of good fortune. The word for 'luck' in Chinese is fú, and the word for bat is bian fú. Red Bats are especially lucky because the color red is protective against misfortune. Luck, folklore, and word-play are all important themes for Red Bat Press.

Cindy and Suzie Yoon
New York, New York
The Yoon sisters want to create wall art that reflects the dreams and activities of kids today while incorporating the clean lines and graphic patterns they love. Cindy Yoon spent years as a museum web director in New York City now designs for YoonKids bringing together her love of prints, patterns, and collage. “YoonKids launched with a series of girl characters ranging from princess to snowboarder, from painter to scientist. Our boy line will follow with similar goals in mind,” say Suzie Yoon, a self-proclaimed doodler, physician, and mother of three. "We also created Yoonies, a series of creatures that remind us of the wobbly stuffed animals our mom hand-sewed for us as kids. The clean lines of the Silhouette series are inspired by images and icons of our childhood including butterflies, lovebirds, trees, and peace signs. These can all work easily not only in a nursery, but also in a toddler or tween's bedroom." [A portion of YoonKids profits will be donated to the nation's largest children's literacy organization, Reading is Fundamental (RIF) in honor of Kaitlyn Yoon who was an avid reader.]

Julie Morrison
Majesty Inc.
Edmonton, British Columbia
Julie Morrison is an unassuming office worker by day, and a maven of the sewing machine by night (and most weekends). She loves to sew and create. She hand sews all of her work "late at night when everyone else is sleeping." She's been designing handbags and other accessories under the label MAJESTYinc since 2004. She started off sewing vinyl handbags for herself ('cause a girl can never have too many of those), and soon was besieged with many requests from friends to have their very own Julie design. Thus, she started up MAJESTYinc. Kind of like a garage band, except in a basement. Nothing makes her happier than a trip to the supply store. Julie sometimes thinks that she will marry her sewing machine, and affectionately calls it her "Secret Lover". She sells her lovely vinyl goods at stores in Canada, as well as the U.S. and hopes to conquer the earth someday.

Roxanne Carter
Power Rox
Portland, Oregon
Roxanne is a committed Reiki Master who was raised in the South and lived in the Midwest where she worked as a corporate trainer for many years. She now enjoys life in Oregon, paints with watercolors, makes jewelry and performs energy healing. The word Reiki is made of two Japanese words - Rei which means "God's Wisdom or the Higher Power" and Ki which is "life force energy". Translated, Reiki means "spiritually guided life force energy." Intention is the primary method for directing the flow of energy. Reiki energy can be used for healing either in physical proximity or from a distance. Cited benefits include relaxation and increased immunity, reduced heart rate, improved blood pressure, reduced pain, anxiety and depression. The jewelry is designed and handmade by Roxanne. These unique pieces call upon the energies of health and well-being to enhance the power of the stones, or combination of stones, for the benefit of the wearer. May you be blessed by wearing these POWER ROX!

Marianne Shepardson
Shepardson Studios
Black Mountain, North Carolina
Marianne has always been a "hands-on" kind of person. Even as a teenager, she was busy with a craft, at that time making and selling custom-designed clothing to a local retailer. Her interests shifted to woodworking and furniture-making, and she obtained a Fine Arts degree in Interior Design in 1982. For her thesis, she designed a line of production furniture, for which she built prototypes and designed graphics and packaging, as well. After graduation, she worked in a variety of design-related jobs, mostly architecture and construction. In 1992, she started playing around with kil-fired glass and eventually set up her own studio. In 1995, she started doing her own work full-time, and hasn't looked back since.

She loves cutting patterns that create negatives and positives, and uses all shapes in creating a piece. What she enjoys most about the design process is finding a balance between what pleases her, aesthetically and creatively, with what is a feasible in terms of maximizing glass yield, and the challenges of cutting a particular piece.

Susan E. Snyder
New Jersey
The child of a modernist architect and a mother who studied fashion design, Susan Snyder grew up
surrounded with the design of mid-century modernists like the Eames and George Nelson. This led her to a BFA in photography and then an unexpected MSW and a career as a psychotherapist. But 7 years ago she began making jewelry. A self-taught silversmith, she describes her work as modern/organic. She is drawn to minimal forms and all of her work is either one of a kind or very limited edition.

Lisa & Tony
Like It Sell It
North East, Pennsylvania
After losing their keys one too many times, Lisa and Tony invented The Magnetic Key Holder as a practical alternative to the key hook. When friends and family saw it at their house, they instantly asked where they could buy one for themselves. As the popularity of their idea grew, they started the process to patent their idea and started making the product from home. They are young entrepreneurs who want to give people a unique, well-designed, yet affordable, product that is different from anything else on the market.

Cristina Vieira
Fetching Wear
Dallas, Oregon
In 2004, a futile search for an attractive collar for a newly adopted beagle prompted designer Cristina Vieira to create her first deco collar. And when that beagle needed a friend, Annie Bee, the yellow lab pictured above, was adopted from Senior Dog Rescue of Oregon. As Cristina became more involved in the Rescue, she began to produce collars and leashes for fundraising events. And thus, Fetching Wear was born. The business combines Cristina’s twin passions of dogs and design. Today, Fetching Wear continues their original goal of supporting Rescue through our Dollar Per Collar campaign. One dollar from each collar purchased through a retail establishment goes to support both local (Senior Dog Rescue of Oregon) and international (Beirut for the Ethical Treatment of Animals in Lebanon) rescue organizations. At Fetching Wear, they’re all about the dogs!

M. Nicole Isaacs
solo artworks
Portland, Oregon
Originally from Southeast Washington, Nicole now lives and works in Portland. Since she was very young, and even while living overseas, she has been designing and selling her own jewelry. She is now pursuing a career in jewelrymaking and metalworking.

Kathy Steig
Kathy Steig Decor
Maple Valley, Washington
Kathy is a soft-spoken mother of two who started embroidering towels as gifts for friends and family. In 2004, at her daughter's suggestion (pictured here), she started creating towels with a slightly less 'K'raft-y theme and decidedly more 'Goth.' These towels were sold at her daughter's boutique, and quickly became one of the most popular items. Kathy's craftmanship and attention to detail are top-notch. Her original work has been featured on a number of popular websites, CBS' The Early Show and FoxNews.com.

Richmond Avenue Studios
Portland, Oregon
After watching his wife bid on loads of Scrabble boards, then watching many an ebay auction for Scrabble tile TRAYS go with nary a bid, Chris was inspired to create and reinvent something from a commonly discarded item. Voila!

tiger j. gushue
Project TransAction
Roslindale, Massachusetts
tiger j. gushue is an artist from the Boston area who recently started working for himself on a boundless endeavor called Project TransAction. Project TransAction features high quality handmade apparel. Each item is designed and hand-crafted with the utmost attention to detail, and in the most earth-friendly way possible. The politics of small, local, and independent business are intrinsic to TransAction's mission, and learning and educating others about the importance of shopping indie and being an informed consumer is viewed as vital. The shop uses earth-friendly, bio-degradable cleaners and all prints are on anti-sweatshop, 100% cotton shirts made in California.

Jenny McClay
McClay Metalsmithing
Wayne, Pennsylvania
In 1998 Jenny decided to invest her tax returns into a beginner lampworking kit. (Lampworking is small scale glass blowing using a torch.) It was a cold and windy, isolated winter on Block Island, RI. She had a newborn baby girl and lots of time to teach herself how to work glass in a flame. The following Spring and Summer she sold jewelry that she was making with her glass beads at the local Block Island Farmer's Market to tourists. Business picked up quickly, galleries and boutiques began carrying her work, and before she knew it she was swept away into the jewelry making trade. Growing tired of beadwork, she made more investments into metalworking tools. She taught herself some fundamental techniques in silver and gold, and suddenly this was her new medium. She moved to Portland, OR where she sold her work at the Portland Saturday Market, while continuing to grow her business in shops around the country. She quickly began to miss the vivid colors of the glass, and decided it was time to learn a new technique, enameling. Her latest collection is a fusion of her favorite mediums. They are colorful pieces made with sterling silver and torch fired enamels.

Stacey L. Moritz
Divine Designs
Raleigh, North Carolina
What started out as a fun hobby and creative outlet for a busy stay-at-home mom of three young children has evolved into a passion for creating beautiful jewelry and home accessories to enhance your mood, your wardrobe, your home and your life. Stacey believes that everyone should feel divine, even on the most ordinary days. All her designs are her own and many are one-of-a-kind.

Sarah & Shawn Nelson
The Rhythm of Color
Longmont, Colorado
Sarah works alongside her husband Shawn in their family glass studio. She was introduced to the wonderful possibilities of glass art while living in Boulder, Colorado. While experimenting with the many facets that glass has to offer, she developed a love for fusing glass. When creating her pieces, Sarah takes pleasure in working with simple lines and patterns that remain focused on a contemporary style. She believes there is an effortless beauty in all things simple. Sarah enjoys creating functional pieces people can appreciate in their everyday lives. Shawn became a Lampworker quite accidentally. He began installing ventilation for various glass artists and became enthralled with the art form. He soon began to trade ventilation installations for glass art lessons & apprenticeships. His specialty is Borosilicate glass, which is the most durable and purest form of glass in the world. Due to its strength, Borosilicate can be crafted directly in the open flame of a torch. He combine ancient techniques, with a modern influence to offer his own unique style of craftsmanship. After he create each piece, it is placed in the kiln for proper annealing and finishing, thus ensuring the art piece will be enjoyed for years.

Nina Dinoff
Nina Dinoff Jewelry
Brooklyn, New York
As a teenager, Nina Dinoff foraged the bead stores of mid-town Manhattan for materials to make jewelry that she would shop around to local stores in New York City. Following 15 years as an award-winning interactive graphic designer, she returned to her love of hand-crafting objects. She now creates jewelry that combines her passion for metal as a medium with her refined sense of simple, geometric design. Useless Machines is an exploration of a pure, organic expression of modern design. Current collections are made of hand-forged silver, and focus on the movement and interplay between metal and skin. Nina lives and works in Brooklyn, where she has a studio in Boerum Hill.

Stacie Barth
Sew Many Cats
Portland, Oregon
When Stacie was growing up, her grandmother taught her many wonderful crafting skills; sewing, embroidery, crochet, baking, and even how to fix, rebuild and finish furniture. Today, she likes to use those skills her grandmother passed on to her in her own business. Even though she has a "day job," Sew Many Cats is her first love. There is nothing more satisfying to her than to spend a good many hours sketching and drawing up new ideas to make or sew. Everything she makes is original and handmade by her. Even though her general pattern for the silhouette of the cats is the same, she feels that each one is unique. Stacie hopes you enjoy her cats as much as she enjoys making them.

Cindy L.
Starry Designs
Bend, Oregon
Cindy started making jewelry in December of 2005, the inspiration for her original designs comes from the warm feeling she gets from her loved ones and surroundings. She is also deeply influenced by the beauty of Mother Nature and her travels. Her color palate is derived from flowers, clouds, trees and the sky.

Sarah Jane Evans
Nightmare Snatchers
Providence, Rhode Island
The Nightmare Snatchers are created and handcrafted by Sarah Jane Evans, a graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design. The spell of the Nightmare Snatchers was written by Thomas Allen Evans. While waiting to be shipped out to their new friends, the Nightmare Snatchers roam Sarah's house in Providence, RI searching for wandering worries and tasty terrifying morsels to feed their fuzzy faces.

Kim VanAntwerp-Poenisch
Just K Beads
College Station, Texas
The first thing most people find out about Kim is that she has dogs. Many, many dogs. Her husband and her have a Saint Bernard and several cocker spaniels of their own, in addition to fostering a couple of dogs for Cocker Spaniel Rescue of East Texas. They regularly drive her crazy. She was introduced to beads by a friend and started lampworking in 2000. She continues to collaborate with that friend and other artists. Kim earned a B.S. in Studio Art from the University of Texas at Austin. To her parents' relief and her own surprise, she actually does use the education she received there.

Brenna Giannini
sugar lily designs
Portland, Oregon
In 1999, Brenna graduated from The Evergreen State College with a BFA and an emphasis in Visual Arts. She went on to completely ignore her degree, and spent the subsequent 6 years teaching preschool and working as an office girl for a local Fine Arts and Antiques Auction House in Portland. She has always known that art should be a part of her life, but until recently, she wasn't prepared to actively pursue art as a way of life. In March of 2005, she started drawing and experimenting with color again - she had forgotten how much she LOVES color. She learned how to design a website. She let the creative blood inch its way back into her veins and then it happened. She gave birth to SugarLily! This is her project. Her baby. The thing she puts her heart and soul into. In its young life, she hopes that it brings as much joy to others, as it has already brought to her.

"simple sentiments for sweet people"

Tyler Laden & Karon Gubbrud
T & K Wood Creations
Belle Plaine, Minnesota
Tyler is a purely self-taught craftsman. About ten years ago, Tyler started doing handyman work in his spare time; repairs, landscaping, and painting. That lead to larger projects and, eventually, he was remodeling homes. He started flipping homes until the housing market fell and expanded his skils to include tile work, wiring and plumbing. His first grandchild inspired him to make a cradle. Being a perfectionist, he often got discouraged, but persevered and created a wonderful gift for the new baby. This led to other types of small furniture. He finds wood work rewarding and personally satisfying and continues to enjoy creating new pieces.

Nissa & Lisa Quick
Monsters by NissaLisa
White, Georgia
Nissa and Lisa are two sisters-in-law that love to sew in their free time. Between the two of them, they have eight kids and, unfortunately, time is one thing they never seem to have enough of. They have been sewing gifts for family and friends for years and met great success. They launched their business and are happy to reach new friends and customers with their work.

Rebecca Pearcy
Queen Bee Creations & Chickpea Baby
Portland, Oregon
Rebecca founded Queen Bee back in 1996 from a corner in her bedroom. She is thrilled & amazed that her little project has turned into a thriving company involving the skills and contributions of so many talented people. When she’s not at Queen Bee, Rebecca enjoys sewing clothing, cooking soup, singing sad songs, and going out dancing.

Melanie Howe
Portland, Oregon
Melanie needs art like she needs water and air. She has been crafting since she was a wee one and, a self-proclaimed "cat lady," she used to make elaborate houses for my cats. She says "rad" a lot, is left-handed and is a twin. (She's the older one.) Originally from upstate New York, two years ago she packed up a U-Haul, her three cats and moved to Portland on a whim - sight unseen. She confirms that it's the best thing she's ever done. She is addicted to her Holga camera (a small plastic "toy" camera). She's in love with things left behind, old polaroids and magazines, rusty car junkyards and abandoned houses. These themes are used primarily in her Holga photography. Her favorite thing to do is take spontaneous road trips in search of these abandoned houses and junk yards. She loves color and rust and decay. Melanie graduated Munson Williams Proctor Institute School of Art with a degree in Fine Art and Photography. She is a collage artist, photographer, book binder and maker of many things. Her work has been featured in Flaunt magazine, and The Craftster Guide to Nifty, Thrifty, and Kitschy Crafts: Fifty Fabulous Projects from the Fifties and Sixties.

Michael Plowman
Colton Forge
Colton, Oregon
Colton Forge was established 1977 and was dedicated to keeping the art of blacksmithing alive. Before the days of assembly lines and mass production, the blacksmith applied his skill and poured his soul into his trade. Like the blacksmith of old, Michael takes special pride in each piece of hand-forged ironwork that he produces. His shop is nestled in the fertile lands of the Colton foothills in the Great Northwest. The quiet mountains and clear blue streams are a perfect setting for the old time tradition of blacksmithing.

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