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We will not be undersold. While we are often the exclusive "E-Tailer" for most of these artists, some sell their work through other sites. In these instances, you may notice a slightly higher ($1 - $2) price on Mixt Goods for those items. Please understand that we have included, only when necessary, this nominal charge to cover packaging material costs. If you see these products for a lower total price (including shipping and "handling") elsewhere, we will match that total price. Please send us a link to the relevant site.
 gift packaging
Please click to see what our standard gift packaging looks like. We will combine multiple gifts in one package, if requested and where possible. We will exclude prices from the packaging and will include a personalized short gift message for the recipient.
Even if you decide not to pay for gift wrapping on this order, we can still keep the prices off the packing slip. Just ask, we'll do that for free.

Most orders received before 3pm PST, Monday through Friday, are shipped that same day or within 24 hours. A confirmation shipping email will be sent.

At MixtGoods, shipping charges are calculated and based upon actual weight and size. There are no handling fees and no sales tax. This is important to us when we're shopping on the web, and we assumed that it would be important to you. It irked us that some sites have you pay based on how much you've paid for your goodies, not how much the package weighs (like the post office).

For certain lightweight items, we can ship via First Class Mail. Please beware, tracking is not available for this method. We prefer to ship via USPS Priority as it is the most economical with the best delivery time and you have the added benefit of package tracking built right in. We also offer FedEx and UPS express services for those times where you need your items overnight.

Insurance costs are applied for items over $50.

Estimated Shipping Times:
USPS First Class 2 - 5 Business Days
USPS Priority 2 - 3 Business Days
FedEx Home Delivery 5 - 10 Business Days, no Monday delivery.
Unless otherwise noted, we ship daily, Monday through Friday.
No shipping occurs on the following U.S. Postal Service Holidays.
Monday, January 1 New Year's Day
Monday, January 21 Martin Luther King Jr's Birthday
Monday, February 18 Washington's Birthday (President's Day)
Monday, May 26 Memorial Day
Wednesday, July 4 Independence Day
Monday, September 1 Labor Day
Monday, October 13 Columbus Day
Monday, November 11 Veterans Day
Thursday, November 27 Thanksgiving Day
Tuesday, December 25 Christmas Day
Tuesday, January 1, 2009     New Year's Day

Reduce, reuse, recycle. We don't mean to offend you but, whenever possible, Mixt Goods proudly reuses packaging materials.


You: "I just don't like it..."
MixtGoods: As hard as that is to believe, if it's in its original condition, we'll take it back within seven (7) calendar days of your receipt of the package. You will be responsible for the shipping costs back to MixtGoods. We will refund the price paid for the item, but you will be responsible for the initial shipping cost to you. Please give us some feedback, we're interested in why you didn't like your item.
You: "It arrived broken..."
MixtGoods: While every effort is made to protect these items from the rough and tumble world of shipping, it happens. Please save the original packaging, we need it to figure out what went wrong. We'll take it back, within seven (7) calendar days of your receipt of the package. We will bear shipping costs and we will refund the price paid for the item and the original shipping cost to you. Contact us at, and we will send you a pre-paid shipping label and you can just re-pack everything and send it back to us.
You: "While it is exactly as described on your site, it's not what I expected."
MixtGoods: See... this is why we encourage you to read the descriptions carefully. However, if it's in its original condition, we'll take it back within seven (7) calendar days of your receipt of the package. You will be responsible for shipping costs back to MixtGoods. We will refund the price paid for the item, but you will be responsible for the original shipping cost to you. Contact us at, and we will start the process.
You: "It arrived fine, and I like it, but it broke."
MixtGoods: Since we are in the business of hand-made art sometimes there are natural flaws in the materials - resulting in problems. If, through normal reasonable use, this occurs within thirty (30) calendar days of the initial purchase, contact us at, and we will send you a pre-paid shipping label and you can just re-pack everything and send it back to us. We will rush out a replacement, if that is your choice.
If your situation falls outside of these scenarios, contact us at and we will see what we can do.

  1. Can I shop securely? - Absolutely, 100% yes! All of the sensitive information you type in to MixtGoods like addresses and credit card information is protected with the industry standard 256-bit SSL encryption. For more information, please see PayPal's security pages.

  2. When is my credit card charged? - Your credit card is charged when you submit your payment to PayPal.

  3. What are my payment options? - MixtGoods accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover and eChecks. You do not need a PayPal account. Of course, if you already have a PayPal account, we will also accept a PayPal transfer.

  4. Who built your website? - We designed the graphics and the look-and-feel of the site, but as you might imagine, there is more to a book than its cover. The entire e-commerce web development was completed by MacWCD Web Design. We are very pleased with the result - so much so that we've added Jake MacWilliamson to our Artist page.

  5. Inflatable packaging, cool! Where did you find that? - On the web, of course! Inflatable Packaging Inc is a Newtown, CT-based business that specializes in environmentally friendly, inflatable packaging. Not all our shipments will contain inflatable packaging, but we'll use it when we can. And we will never send you any styrofoam peanuts. We don't like them either.

  6. What is that recycling stamp on the boxes all about? - Reduce, reuse, recycle! MixtGoods believes strongly in reducing its impact on the environment. Every little bit helps - so please recycle or reuse the boxes we send to you. It is easy, smart and better for everyone. To learn more about global warming and the impact we humans have on our world, please visit, then watch An Inconvenient Truth - you'll be glad you did.

  7. I live in the Portland area, where can I find more information about recycling? - Metro Recycling has a great resource to help you recycle beyond your cubside pickup.

  8. Do you have a brick and mortar store? - No. By operating a web-only business we are able to reduce overhead and offer the best prices we can for our products. After all, we are all about handmade goods by local artists at fair prices.

  9. Can I get a catalog? - Sorry, no. Since our inventory changes so quickly, a print catalog just does not make sense.

  10. What is your dog's name? - Gumbo. He's a black lab and therefore one big tongue full of pure energy.
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